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Canadian Golf Cars is your source for used golf cars  and accessories. We can provide you with excellent service and advice on buying new and pre owned golf cars. Are you looking for something different in your golf car?  We can assist in customizing your golf car, installing lift kits, mag wheels, and unique features to make your friends say, "WOW".
Over the years there has been a growing demand in the number of uses for golf cars. 

Here are just some of the popular uses for Golf Cars.

Canadian Golf Cars has the right used golf car to suit your needs.   Call or email us today and inquire about our used golf car inventory.

Special of the month

  Completely customized golf cart, lifted, new paint, wide tires, front & rear lights, trailer hitch.  Only $4,395.00 CAD


Cottage Owners Ideal for kids, moving elderly family members around.  Don't like the sound of gas engines, then consider a quite, environmentially friendly electric golf car.
Large Properties Do you have a farm or large hobby property?   Having problems moving items around?  A golf car with a dump box is an ideal solution for moving items and tools around.
Airports Many airports have golf cars, with multiple seating options to carry travellers to their gate.
Commercial properties

(car lots, industrial units)

Share the luxury with your customer chauffeur, them through the lot to look for a new vehicle.    (Six and Eight passenger vehicles available).  Get around easy, fast in larger industrial units.
Our Carry All Turf Carts can handle loads up to 1200lbs, easily transporting barrels and other heavy loads.


Please email all inquiries to: sales@canadiangolfcars.com